June 30, 2011

Great mam - 素晴らしいお母さん

This is her new steel bike.
Her welding, today. Neat!

She has a project to make a tricycle for her little baby as a birthday present. ( I posted about her before as another great welder.)
She already has a wheel, fork, head parts (Chris king!)... and some scraps to make some parts of the tricycle. She is cool and a great mother for her baby!!

もう既に、車輪、フォーク、ヘッドパーツ(クリスキング!)、そして幾らかのTi チューブ(スクラップから集めてきた)を準備している。それにしても彼女は、なんてクールでグレイトなママだろう。

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