March 06, 2011

Meaning of tubing design. – チュービング設計の重要性

Ti tubing
Butted making machine 1. 2.
Butted making machine 3.
Making a butted tube

I have posted a few times about the advantage of making Ti or steel bike through an order system. That is from the reason for the meaning of tubing design. Most bike manufacturers provide their bikes only with several sizes (It is because they depend on a mass production system.). However for example, if you say “comfortable”, the feeling should be different by each rider.
As for bike frame design, I think it needs a certain level of tubing design to fit more with the rider (Size and some measurement of tubes for a frame are not decided by tubing design, but by fitting.). It is actually difficult for carbon tubing for each rider, but it is possible for Ti tubing and steel tubing. Therefore, by tubing design, the feature of the frame is shaped. This is different from a story about the difference of materials. For example, steel frame is said to be comfortable. But it is the only case that the frame has a good tubing combination. If you have a steel bike with a bad tubing combination and think “Oh this is the comfort of steel bikes.”, you might not correctly understand it in a way. Therefore, tubing design is a significant process for frame making.


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