March 04, 2011

Machining man 2 – マシーニング男2

He is a senior machinist in the company. He looks hard to please, but in fact, he is a funny man, I think. When I came to Seven, I learned the machining process mostly from him. I first couldn’t understand what he said because his speaking was too fast for me and he just taught me only key points (Maybe it's his character.). So for a while, I just had to imagine the process and what it means through watching his action.
However, he is a machinist who understands well what to do and he can concentrate on doing it. As a result, he works fast. (It was actually hard to follow up his pace in the beginning.) He seems to be able to manage his concentration. Managing concentration is pretty important to work effectively. I also try to manage my concentration, though. In any event, he is a crucial machinist in the company.


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