March 07, 2011

Meaning of basic - 基本の重要性

Lead welder (foreman)

Great!! Tim's welding is uniform, smooth, sufficient penetration...

I posted a steel frame by my foreman before. Today I post a little more about him. He has welding experience for about 30 years. He is an expert in welding field. He is definitely the best welder in the company about not only the welding skill, but also the knowledge, experience. He is also the most careful welder. I can say our welding quality has been kept by him. He always gives me the answer and the reason if I ask anything…
When I started to practice welding, there were some good welders in welding department and I watched each welder’s style and their welding many times. Then, I thought anyway I first should learn from him. There was a reason. He welds in accordance with a basic style. He understands the importance of basic well. This “Basic” is very important. Basic doesn’t mean “easy”. “Basic” is the best style which was created after a lot of trial and error for a long time.
When I left Japan, my former boss said “Anyway, you should learn from someone who understands “basic” deeply and the beginning of practice is the most important period because it is difficult to change later your habit you had in the beginning period. So in the beginning period, you should only think to master the basic style. People tend to have their own ways from the beginning, but you must never do that if you want to be better. You should seek your own style after you perfectly master the basic way. It is the best way to master something. Never forget it!”
I didn’t forget it. I have learned from him about basic of welding (I am still learning and asking something even a small thing.) So even now, whenever I try to learn something, I always pay attention ‘What is the basic?”.


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