March 08, 2011

My new steel road frame "KUALIS" - My new スティールロードフレーム "KUALIS"

I made this new steel road frame last Octover. I selected all the tubes, designed (frame and logo), made it, and painted it for me. Because of that, I couldn't put "seven" decals on it. So I had to think somthing new name for this frame. That is "KUALIS". KUALIS is a word from old Latin (Qualis) which means "quality" in English and I changed the first latter 'Q' to 'K' because there was no word 'K' in old Latin.
"KUALIS" was born as my bike brand.
The feature of this frame is an over-sized downtube and highsttifness chain stays (high stiffness bottom line). The weight (after painting) is 1.4kg (3.1 lb) and 7.4kg (16.3 lb) after assembling parts. It is not so bad. After a test ride, what I thought was it was actually stiff and light. But the stiffness is a little different than that of carbon or aliminum. It is more comfortable, but stiff. I like the smooth ride feeling of Ti, but I also like the feeling of stiffness and quick bounce from this bike (steel). I will enjoy this Spring with this bike, anyway.

去年の10月にスティールフレームを作った。チューブの選択から設計、加工、溶接、仕上げ、ペイントまで全て自分専用仕様で作った。そのため、seven と入れるのもどうかと思い、何か新しいネーミングを考えた。それが KUALIS である。KUALIS とはラテン語のQualis からきており、QをKにかえて名づけたものである(ラテン語にKという文字は基本的にはない)。ちなみにその意味は quality (質)である。自身のバイクブランド”KUALIS”の誕生である。

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