February 22, 2011

What should I do? – 何をすべきなのか?

I have a favorite person who is a Japanese brain scientist, Kenichiro Mogi. I always check his blog in English “The qualia journal (http://qualiajournal.blogspot.com/)”. He not only studies about brain, but also has written many books like” How we should use our brains” and so on.
He says that you should do what only you can do. It is anything ok. Or you should do something up brown until the other people cannot do like you.
When I was on the plane on the way to US from Japan (three years and nine months ago), I made a decision that I would build the skill and knowledge about frame manufacturing and the materials as much as possible more than anyone else. I still have the thought. By doing so, I think I may be able to say I have my suitable work. In other words, it means that it is to create the value of what I am doing by myself.
However, it takes time to become an accomplished person in any field. I must make my will strong and at the same time, be flexible outside the center of mind. Working with something like a certain will or preparation might be important to achieve something goal. I sometimes think such a thing in these days.


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