February 05, 2011

Frame making is quite interesting. - バイクフレーム作りの面白さ

Frame making is very interesting to me. When I was in Japan, I had worked in architectural design before I changed my career. Most of my work was to design and make tons of drawings. Thinking the concepts, making concept models, presentations, and making detail drawings and models... It was fun, but sametimes I was frustrated with something.
A good point of frame making for me is to be able to work everything from design to finishing up by one person. It is to be able to cast one's thought into shape. It strongly interests me.
Also, the bycicle is the only engineering product and vehicle which can carry you a long distance (100miles, 200miles...) with just human power. It intersts me, too.

フレーム作りは非常に興味深い。日本にいた頃、フレーム作りの仕事をする前、建築設計の仕事をしていたのだけれど、図面、図面、図面、モデル、、、 時に、ストレスが溜まった。

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