September 07, 2011

Extra - 号外

My wife just came back from a graduate school. But there was an unbelievable happening on her way back home. She was on a shuttle bus of the school. She was in the front seat. After a while, she picked up a bad smell around her. Mercy!! There was a fire around the driver's seat!! She asked the driver to stop and open the door. But the driver just kept driving for a while. She gave a shout "Open the door!! Open it now!!" Finally, the driver stopped the bus and opened the door. After every student got off the bus, the bus was in a fire!!
So I couldn't understand why the driver didn't stop soon when it happened and why the other Americans students couldn't say anything in spite of the fact there was a fire in the bus. I got angry that the driver didn't think safety is first anyway.

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  1. I've heard it said that the most effective thing to yell in ANY emergency is "FIRE". Apparently even that doesn't wake people up!