July 31, 2013

S's (S ヲ)high stiffness steel CX 1

S's (S ヲ)high stiffness steel CX 1. Front end is done.

S ヲさんのハイスティッフネス スティールCX 1. フロントエンド終わったところ。ちょっと手間かかりました。。。

July 30, 2013

K's high stiffness steel CX 1




K's high stiffness steel CX 1. Front end is done.

K さんのハイスティッフネス スティールCX 1.フロントエンドのザグリ、終わったところ。

July 29, 2013

T cameraman's SLS road 1


T cameraman's SLS road 1. Just started.
T カメラマンのSLS ロード1.はじまり。

July 28, 2013

S's (S 田) steel disk CX 1


S's steel disk CX 1. front end. It will have both Di2 and cable routing.

S 田さんのスティールDisk CX 1.Di2 とケーブル併用仕様。

July 27, 2013

From some steels


From some steel first.


July 25, 2013

From carbon to metal frame.


I can see more customers who switch from carbon to metal bikes these days.


July 22, 2013

A new milling machine.


A new (used) milling machine (HARDINGE) in the shop. It's the same machine as the one which is already in the shop. I like this horizontal type milling machines because of the convenience.

新たなザグリ用の機械がショップに到着!?。既にショップにあるのと同じもの。このタイプのMilling machine は簡単使用かつ便利で好きである。

July 19, 2013



In 1997, Seven started. I was getting into motorbikes./Seven がスタートした当時オートバイに夢中なときだった。



In 1999. This was just before I started my architect office with my friend./ In 1999丁度、建築設計事務所を大学時代の友人と開く直前。

I just started to work for Level./ Level で働き始めてまもない頃。

I toured to Nanki./ 南紀にツーリングしてたころ。

In 2006, I just came to Boston./ In 2006 ボストンに来た頃。

I just became a welder in Seven./ Seven でウェルダーになってまもなくの頃。

In 2013. Now. I look like middle age...w/  In 2013 今現在。KUALIS CYCLES オーナー。おっさんになったなー。(笑)

July 18, 2013



Anyway, I have to make the detail drawings for them. I have a works bikes (CX) this time. I get motivated so much.


July 16, 2013

Small lathe

A small lathe. It looks convenient. w