October 29, 2019

Products update in 2020

KUALIS flat mount thru-axle disc dropouts will be updated in 2020. More compact, no windows, and simple design. Also original Ti seat clamp will be added. See the pics above.

In 2020, KUALIS frame set lineup will be updated to 5 models.
I'll show a few of them in advance. In the list, I put 2 Ti (road/disc road) bikes, which are KT-R and KT-SR. The different point between them is below. The price will be showed in January 2020.

1. KT-R (KUALIS Ti- Road/disc road))
    *KT-R frame set is built with selected titanium straight gauge tube set. Non-butted tube and custom frame geometry.
    *OD/35mm Seat tube
    *KUALIS road dropouts (Road)
    *KUALIS 142x12mm flat-mount thru-axle disc brake dropouts with skewer (Disc road)
    *English standard BB
    *44mm straight head tube
    *Straight seat stays
    *Carbon road fork/ 1.500 (1 1/2) tapered, offset/45mm
    *Carbon disc road fork with skewer/ 1.500 (1 1/2) tapered, offset/43mm
    *Seat clamp
    *Sainless head badge
  *T47 oversized BB
  *Internal brake routing
*Brushed or Blasted finish + Film logo

 Finishing option
*Brushed or Blasted finish + Blasted or Brushed logo

*Brushed or Blasted finish + Anodized logo

2. KT-SR (KUALIS Ti- Special Road/disc road)
    *KT-SR frame set is built with full custom titanium tube set. In-house custom butted tube (for each bike) and custom frame geometry.

    *Custom frame geometry
    *KUALIS road dropouts (Road)
    *KUALIS 142x12mm flat-mount thru-axle disc brake dropouts with skewer (Disc road)
    *English standard BB
    *44mm straight head tube or KUALIS tapered head tube or 1 1/8 head tube (road)
    *S-bend (or straight) seat stays 
    *ENVE road fork/ 1.250 (1 1/4) tapered, offset/43mm
    *ENVE road fork/ 1.125 (1 1/8) straight, offset/45mm, 50mm
    *ENVE disc road fork with skewer/ 1.250(1 1/4) tapered, offset/43mm, 50mm
    *KUALIS titanium seat clamp
    *Titanium head badge
  *Integrated tapered head tube
  *T47 oversized BB
  *Internal brake routing
  *Integrated seat post
  *Fender mount
  *3rd WB mount
*PARLEE road, disc road fork
*Brushed, Blasted finish
*Anodized finish (Option)

January 04, 2018

KUALIS CYCLES new website below.


KUALIS CYCLES のウェブサイトが新しくなりました。

December 19, 2017

Price in 2018

Price in 2018

Frame + ENVE (or PARLEE) fork + SP clamp
PARLEE fork 44mm, tapered (integrated) ヘッドチューブ のみ対応、 ヘッドセットはCane Creek 110 対応となります。

Titanium Road / 440,000 
¨        KUALIS オリジナルドロップアウト (リアエンド)
¨        PARLEE fork 10,000 

Titanium Disc Road, CX, All Road / 475,000
¨        KUALIS オリジナル Disc flat mountドロップアウト (12mm through axle with DT skewer)
¨        PARLEE fork 10,000
¨        ENVE GRAVEL RD fork 20,000 
Steel Road / 200,000  
¨        KUALIS オリジナルドロップアウト (リアエンド)
¨        PARLEE fork 10,000

Steel Disc Road, CX, All Road / 235,000
¨        12mm through axle with DT skewer OR Quick release
¨        PARLEE fork 10,000

Frame + SP clamp

Titanium MTN / 410,000
¨        KUALIS オリジナルドロップアウト (ISO mount, 12mm through axle with DT skewer)

Frame Option:
¨        Tapered head tube
Titanium integrated 20,000
Steel 15,000
¨        Internal brake for titanium frame (down tube or top tube) 20,000 
¨        ISP (titanium integrated seat post) 25,000
¨        T47 oversized BB 5,000
¨        Other - ask

  ¨        Titanium: Blasted / Brushed (Half polished) / Anodized finish No charge
  カスタムフィニッシュ (ペイントは別途) も基本的にチャージされません。

  ¨        1 color + logo (frame + fork) 40,000 ~

  ¨        Custom titanium stem 42,000

ペイント代、消費税、シッピング代(本州・四国・九州 ¥2,500 / 北海道・沖繩 ¥3,500)は別途となります。

September 04, 2016

Build frames

KUALIS CYCLES started building frames finally!!
It took two months for setting up after I moved back here my hometown in Japan, but I am really glad to start building frames at my new shop.
Thanks for your patience and appreciate my valued customers.

August 23, 2016

Mr. Takao SS CX in Brembo gold

Mr. Takao single speed steel CX in Brembo gold.

I have been preparing for my new shop and waiting for my packages from US (already in Osaka seaport). Almost have them, but not yet... Should be patient a little bit more.

So, Mr. Takao requested to have a CX bike that can be single speed and standard geared one. His old CX bike was too heavy to be a racing bike. Also he already had a rough imagination for its paint. We had discussed long and many times through RBS (Rokko Bicycle Studio) and changed, changed, AND changed (w) the ideas, then finally everything was decided just a few days ago.
This Brembo gold is not standard gold color, more red in the gold, actually. It'll be a great bike, which will make anyone feel more unusual and exotic...