October 18, 2012

Welding test piece

Welders at Seven have had a lot of practice, training, and welded many frames. Some welders were not great from the biginning when they started training. But they have been lots of patient and training. It's not that easy to have a perfect weld from day one even after you become a professional welder...
Everyone has to take a welding test to become a welder at Seven.

昨日、溶接テストがあった。Seven でウェルダーのポジションを希望し応募してきたようである。(日本人ではありません。) 今までも何人かが応募、そしてテストにトライされたが、まだ一人も採用されていない。今回、久々の応募者である。

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  1. let me tell you smth Yoshi. These days is public overhelmed by som much work about bike-building that they simply believe they can do on themselves! I've got so much troubles to explain what it takes to make stem or rack (never done a frame)! So lack of education for basic craftsmanship that I often found myself in despair! That however motivates me and I show them builders like you and the others I follow, watch and learn from!!
    the one you're talking about has at least some skills but obviously failed this time