September 01, 2011

A good choice - 一つの選択

Ti road frame with D-43mm down tube from Philippines. It is 1268g (size 46cm(c-c)).
This is a good example as a stiff and light-weight Ti frame. Steel frame (D-41/t-0.54mm, same stiffness as Ti above) couldn't keep light-weight like this frame with the same stiffness. There are some points to have a Ti frame. If a Ti frame is outside of the points, it will be a just heavy and expensive frame...
I guess this customer or shop will know one of the best points to choose Ti frame.

Ti ロードフレーム(径43mmダウンチューブ、フィリピンからのオーダー)。1268g、サイズ46cm(C-C)。これは高剛性で軽量なチタンフレームの良い例だと思う。スティールフレーム(径41/厚0.54mm

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