September 02, 2011

Cross bike project 6 - クロスバイクプロジェクト6

S3 seatstay
Ti 16mm/0.8mm for cross seatstay

The rear end was machined. Next step is tacking and welding. That is next week. I also checked the weight of all the tubes and Ti butted tubes to compare them. That is below for reference.

Ti (size 48cm,c-c)                                                               K-LS3(size 49cm,c-c)

HT    98g (117mm)                                                               80g (118mm)
TT   176g (D-35mm/ t-0.66mm single butted, 550mm)       178g (D-32mm, 540mm)
ST   206g (D-35mm/ t-0.66mm double butted, 520mm)     168g (D-28.6mm, 537mm)
DT  226g (D-35mm/ t-0.78mm single butted, 645mm)        240g (D-35mm, 622.5mm)
CS  100g (D-22mm/ t-0.89mm, 425mm(c-c))                    100g (D-28/20mm, 435mm(c-c))
SS    86g (D-16mm/ t-0.81mm, 525mm)                              80g (D-16mm, 477.5mm)
BB   84g (D-40mm, threaded)                                              96g (D-38mm, threaded
DO  64g                                                                               92g


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