July 16, 2011

Carbon/Ti frame – カーボン/チタン混合フレーム

Carbon/ Ti frame is made by the way that carbon tube is put in Ti tube (lug). The connecting point is bonded. The life-span of the frame is almost decided by the bond. There is another important matter how bond matches with two different materials...
All stress is going to be received at the connecting points. Ti/Carbon has the potential of loosing at the connecting part as it is used (not always,though). 
This kind of frame (Ti/carbon, Steel/carbon, alminum/carbon) used to be popular around several years ago. But it has gone out with the evolution of carbon frame.
There are many people who talk about the feature of carbon, but for the life-span, you shouldn't forget that it is decided by the bond. Key is to develop the bond, but bonding will not be stronger than welding. This is one of the reasons that the life-span of carbon frame is around 3 to 5 years.

Carbon/Ti 混合フレームはカーボンチューブをチタンラグに差し込み接着する方法で作られる。そのフレームのライフスパンはそのボンド(接着剤)の寿命によって決まると言ってよい。また異なる素材を接着する場合その材料とのマッチングの問題もあるだろう。

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