July 12, 2011

Bike country “China” again? – 自転車の国“中国”再び?

China used to be a country which had lots of bicycles for transportation but, it has been changing to car as the economy has been growing. In the future, a bike is coming back again? It would be hard to happen to China for a while. But if they know a bike is cool, sporty, and enjoyable implement, they should start to have a new bike.
It would be good to organize lots of race events for road, cyclocross, Mtn. (like tour de France,...tour of China?). Adjusting the roads, courses... for anyone to be able to enjoy there. Many events should be held in many areas. China is a big country and has a lot of great and beautiful places. 
By organizing many bike events, there will be many people who vist china to watch or join the events. The economy in many areas will go well. And many people in China will have bikes!?
There are many, many people in China, anyway. China should be able to be a huge market for bikes.

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