April 19, 2011

Renewal standard - スタンダードの更新

There are many kinds of "standard". Standards for mesurement, quality, price, and so on.
In production, also there are some standards. For instance, operating time (standard time) for frame making. Products are always becoming altered. It is getting more complicated, sometimes. As the products become complicated, the standard of the product and the operating time also must be improved. If we don't notice the variation and keep useing old standard, it's just harder to achieve the target because there is a gap between actual standard we should have and old one we have had so far.
Sometimes improving standard also means improving process. In order to improve standard, we need to re-measure our baseline performance and the process, analyze "variation" for a new standard, and rebuild a new standard and target based on the analysis. Eventually, we will have to control our new standard with the operating time to sustain our new target.
It may be the time to reconsider our standard, I think.


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