April 05, 2011

Small parts - フレーム、小物

There are many kinds of small parts for bike frames. Some people order just a simple frame and some people request a lot of options, which are rack mounts, fender mounts, and extra brake bosses (two or three? brake systems on a frame!!) etc, etc. It is that people want to put many things on their bikes.
However this idea seems to be very natural for me. In the US, there are few bikes with baskets, fenders, baby seats... These are all options. But in Japan, there are many kinds of shopping bikes with baskets, fenders, and baby seats. So people who order frames don't usually request extra options besides touring bikes. Many people think they want to enjoy riding with a simple bike. That is an interesting difference between US and Japan. Probably, it is the difference of bike culture?

バイクフレーム用にたくさんの小物が存在する。ここSeven でもある人はシンプルなフレームを求めるが、ある人はものすごい量の小物をリクエストしてくる。ラック用小物や泥よけ用、エクストラで異なるブレーキシステム(人によっては2種類、いや3種類の人もいる。そんなにいっぱいあってどうするの?)。 たくさんのものをバイクに装備したいようである。

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