March 16, 2011

What is quality? - Meaning of hidden quality - 見えないクオリティーの重要性

What is "Quality"? I sometimes think about it. After everything is done and if it looks good, you might be able to say "It has a good quality." However, there is another quality which you cannot see. For example, it is about welding. There are lots of processes in welding. In them, the most significant process is cleaning which means not only to clean tubes, but also to make up a clean circumstance, which is to put on clean gloves, clean the bench, clean welding tools, and so on. This is also one of the basic to weld appropriately. (In any specialized book about welding, the importance of cleaning is written first.)
I can say 50% of the welding quality is decided in this process. Another 50% is decided in actual welding process, which is protection gas (Ti), bead appearance, alignment, and so on. However, after welding, we cannot see the first 50% of the quality and of course, neither for the customer. In other words, if the cleaning process is not done enough, it can say 50% of the quality is dropped out.
This hidden quality should be in each process from design to finishing. In order to keep the quality, it is necessary for each employee to work paying attention it and for the managers or leaders to understand the importance well and to be able to give a specific suggestion to anyone adequately at any time. It will be difficult to keep quality unless these two important things are put in practice.

溶接クオリティーの50%はこのプロセスで決まると言って良い。そして残りの50%は実際の溶接作業のなかで決まると言える。溶接作業が全て終わった後ではそのクオリティーを判断することができない。(見えないから) 言い換えれば、クリーニングプロセスが十分でないとクオリティーの50%が欠落しているといってもよい。

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