January 15, 2011

Titanium is great! - チタンのすばらしさ

A tube set is cleaned with acetone and ready for tacking.

The tube set was just worked in order to be a frame.
I worked a light weight titanium frame (Axiom SLX) and welded today. This frame is the lightest model in Seven (2.5lbs (1.1kg)). The tubes of the frames are shaved off as they keep the strength.
One of the strong points of titanium tube is to be able to design any frame with any character by selecting any size of the tubes and wallthickness. By designing any type of tube, we can produce any type of frame that you want. So it's possible to manage the relation between stiffness and weight with titanium tubes. We make any frame you want through a custom order system.

今日は Axiom SLX という Seven で最軽量フレームモデルを製作しました。 重量にして約1.1kg、必要強度を保ちながらそのチューブは余計な贅肉をそぎ落とされます(カスタマーの要求に応じて)。 



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