December 03, 2013

26in Ti CX/ commuter

Photo by Nao Tomii

I designed and made this bike 6 years ago at Seven. It was for my wife.
Recently I gave this frame and fork to a guy. (Because I made a new road bike for my wife and she doesn't need this one anymore. * Her steel road was also sold.)
He is short. (and has short legs amazingly...w) So this frame size is OK for him anyway...
Last week the bike was completed with some new parts. I refinished the frame and anodized a new(?) logo and put a new(?) H.B. w
These are the photos which were taken by Nao Tomii. It got a nice commuter/CX bike. He loves this bike and I am glad to hear that.

このフレームは6年ほど前に自分で初めて妻のためにSeven で作ったものだが、最近一人の知り合いに譲った。
彼は背が低く(足も短い。。。)このくらいのサイズでやっと乗れる感じだったので、彼に譲ることにした。先週、そのバイクがやっと完成したということで写真(Photo by Nao Tomii)が送られてきた。フレームは仕上げをやり直し、新しい(?)ロゴとH.B. をつけた。w
新しいパーツと共に組直された彼のコミューター兼CX バイク。彼は気にいっているということで譲った者としてもうれしい。

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