November 29, 2011

Design and Art - デザインとアート

Design and Art. I like both. Sometimes both get very close. But I think there is a certain difference between them.
If you are an artist, you may be able to do anything with your feeling to express something. If you are a designer, you may still be able to do many things with your feeling, but you will have to have something responsibility to the sosiety (the customer, too). This is a big difference, I think. Basically, design work needs some logical thinking, too...
I like both design and art. Both are fun and sometimes hard, but I think I want to stay a frame builder and at the same time, have to stay as a designer.

もしあなたが一人のアーティストだとすると、感情のままになんでも作品をつくることが出来るかもしれない。 もしあなたがひとりのデザイナーであるなら、たくさんの部分でアートにちかいことが出来るかもしれないが、その社会に対して何らかの責任を持たなければならない(カスタマーに対しても)。

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