October 17, 2011

Order from Japan - オーダー フロム Japan

I am always happy whenever I have orders from Japan. Today I had a frame which is ordered from Japan.
When people in Japan buy Seven's frames, the price of the frame is very expensive, much more expensive than those in US. I always think that I have to do my best to live up to their expectations.

日本の人がSeven のフレームを購入するとき、高額な値段になる。アメリカで購入する人達よりもずっと高くなる。それでいつも思うのだが、彼らの期待に答えられるようベストを尽くさなければいけない、と。

1 comment:

  1. Hi Yoshi,

    Love your blog! Very nice to see you dedication!
    Here in Holland the Seven frames are also much more expensive...;-)

    Best Regards Rolf