July 25, 2011

10000 hours to professional - プロフェッショナルになるための10000時間

It is said that it takes 10000 hours to become a professional in any field (If you work hard in the period.).
That is about 5 years (8hours a day).
I have been working as a frame builder for just over 8 years. Am I already a professional? I hope so. But I agree about this period. Actually, I think it takes about 5 years by the time you understand and gain enough skill for the whole process about frame making, which is the biggining (design) to the end (finishing). (It depends on your effort and depth of understanding, though.)
However, It means, after 5 years, you can really start as a professional. The way is long.

どんな仕事においてもその道のプロフェッショナルになるのに10000時間かかると言われている。(但しその期間一生懸命努力したとして) それは約5年に相当する(1日8時間週5日で)

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