May 26, 2011

Welder L.T - ウェルダー L.T

Well organized.

She is a good welder in Seven. When I first visited Seven, she was not a welder, but a finisher. Maybe, we both started to practice welding around the same time, I think. I had wanted to weld frames so much since I came to Seven. She might have wanted , too, I guess...
Some people have tried to practice welding, but not everyone can be a welder (less than 50%). It's so difficult. But she became. She may also know how cool and exciting welding is because of the difficulty. I hope she will keep being a good welder.

彼女はSeven のグッドウェルダーのひとりである。自分が初めてSeven を訪れた時、彼女はまだウェルダーではなくフィニッシャーだった。多分ウェルディングの練習を始めた時期が自分とほぼ同時期ではなかったかと思う。自分の方はとにかくウェルディングをしたいとずっと思っていたのだけれど、もしかしたら彼女もまたそう思っていたのかもしれない。。。

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