August 23, 2016

Mr. Takao SS CX in Brembo gold

Mr. Takao single speed steel CX in Brembo gold.

I have been preparing for my new shop and waiting for my packages from US (already in Osaka seaport). Almost have them, but not yet... Should be patient a little bit more.

So, Mr. Takao requested to have a CX bike that can be single speed and standard geared one. His old CX bike was too heavy to be a racing bike. Also he already had a rough imagination for its paint. We had discussed long and many times through RBS (Rokko Bicycle Studio) and changed, changed, AND changed (w) the ideas, then finally everything was decided just a few days ago.
This Brembo gold is not standard gold color, more red in the gold, actually. It'll be a great bike, which will make anyone feel more unusual and exotic...

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