January 27, 2012

Keep doing something - 何かを続ける事

Last night, I tried to post something on here, but I couldn't. I took a cold medicine and soon after that, I got really sleepy and I slept for a while on my desk withiout doing anything for my post. It was a mistake...
I always try to post something every day (not weekends, holidays) even though it is a molehill.
It is a trck through my work and I believe it leads to something for my future work later (maybe).
By keeping trying to do something, I can see and learn something I don't know, what to do (or not to do), and so on...
Endurance makes you stronger... It will take a long time, but I want to believe it and keep it.

昨晩、ブログ更新をしようとしたができなかった。体調が悪く風邪薬を飲んだとたん、ものすご~く眠くなりそのままパソコンの前に何も出来ずにうつぶせになったまま寝込んでしまった。(アメリカの風邪薬はきつすぎるのか?) 不覚であった。。。

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