November 10, 2011

Theorem of Cause and Effect - 原因と結果の法則

My wife got a job offer from one of the big four accounting firms (NY office) as an auditor and accepted it. She starts to work next October in NY after finishing school.
She quit her job 4 years ago in Japan and came to US with me. She sometimes must have suffered about it... But she made her new goal and she has made lots of efforts so far. She has spent her time on almost only studying. She has not had fun so much so far. Study, study, study... with her goal. She has been patient a lot... I am proud of her so much.
I have had a belief for about eight years. That is "Theorem of Cause and Effect". Nothing happens without any cause. That means there is a certain reason to happen for everything (no exception). There is no mistake in the process of the thorem. I believe everyone is now making something cause which will become something effect in the future. And every cause is in each person although it is a good cause or bad, not in others. No one can get a goal without any effort in daily life.
I believe this (theorem of cause and effort) works about past, present, and future for everything.

ここ約8年くらい自分の中に一つの信念を持っている。それは”原因と結果の法則”である。いかなる事も原因なしに何かが発生することはない(例外もない)。 全ての人が今、将来に生じるであろう結果となるための原因をせっせと作っているということである。そしてその起こりうる結果の原因は全て自分の中にある。よい事も悪い事も自分の中に、他人のなかには無い。そしてこの法則の過程にはいかなる間違いも起きない。彼女が目標を達成したことも、自分にこれまで起こってきた事もこれから起こりうる事も全てこの”原因と結果の法則”に従っていると思う。

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