September 27, 2011

Some bicycle physics - ちょっとバイク物理学

There are few books about bicycle physics. But these two books are great. Both books are old, but we can learn a lot  about bike mechanism and some bike physics. First one is "Bicycling science". This book is made up of three chapters which are "human power", "some bicycle physics", and "human powered vehicles and machines". In first chapter, you can see how human power is generated and the relation of power and speed, and so on... In second chapter, you can see about bike aerodynamics, some mechanism of breaking, rolling resistance, steering and balancing, about the strength of each material and stresses... anyway a lot.
Second one is very old (first published in 1977), but still great. A good point of this book is to be able to learn from basics of physics (high school level) to advanced level (like moment load, feature) for bike physics.
Maybe, you do not have to understand all of them, but these two books will be valuable to be read through once if you are interested in bike design.


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