June 27, 2011

Purpose of order frame - フレームをオーダーすることの意味

Today's welding - Axiom SL

I have described about the good points to have an order frame several times. First, you can have a fitter frame for your size. Second (This is more important.), you can have a frame with special tubing which is designed (tubing design), or chosen for you. *Tubing design is to design the relation about diameter, wall thickness, and stiffnes.
The frames which are made by large manufacturers are designed for professional racers, basically. And they provide them for you, too. The frame character is all the same, there are just some different sizes... They should not always fit you.
So, a frame character is adjusted by the tubing design and it can be done only for Ti, or steel frames. (It is too hard to adjust the tubing design of carbon for each rider. It is distant.)
There should be some certain good points to have an order frame if you consider about the reliability of the material, tubing design, and detailed geometry.

フレームをオーダーすることの利点についてはこれまで何度かポストしてきた。まず、より細かいジオメトリーでよりあなたにフィットしたフレームが得られる事。そして次に(これはもっと重要なことであるが)チュービングデザインされた、あるいは選択された(あなたのために)チューブによって作られたフレームが得られる事である。 *チュービングデザインとは、径、厚さ、剛性の関係をデザインすること。

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