April 25, 2011

Huge space – ヒュージスペース

When I first came to Seven, I first, was surprised with the huge shop space (percentage of the numbers of workers and space). I thought “That’s America”. In Japan, we cannot see such a huge space so often unless the manufacturer is a big company. There will be differences in ways of thinking and sense about a space between Japan and US. I already got used to being in the space, though.
So I tried to think why there are so differences between Japan and US. First, US is a big country which has huge spaces anywhere. Probably, that will be a main reason. And second, it is the difference of working style. In Japan, we usually have to try to collectively use a space effectively (Because the space is not so huge? We cannot stay in a space because anyone uses the space. But this idea generates another idea of “clean and organize” for other workers.). But in US, Basically, we are given each space for each worker, so we can use our spaces as we like (sounds great!).
 As a space we use, I like American’s style, but at the same time, there are some wastes. If we can have both good points, we may be able to have the best way of using our space and working style.

Seven に初めて来た時、まずショップの広さに驚いた。(ワーカーの数に対するスペースの割合)これがアメリカだ!と思った。日本では、ある程度大きな会社で無い限りそんなに広いスペースは使えない。多分スペースに対する考え方が色々と異なるのだろう。既にもうその感覚に慣れてしまったけれど。

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