January 18, 2011

Future of bikes - バイクの未来

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Today, there are many bike manufacturers in the world. Many of them pump a lot of money into their bike’s development and launch their new models into the world. Their technology is very high and it seems to be achieved. Are they going to keep competition among them, or are they seeking a new material…?
The purpose of all these bike manufacturers is that they would like to have as many customers as possible. Development for new models is indispensable for them in order to create new customers.
However, there are some significant things except for developing the technology. The most important one is to build a safe environment to be able to enjoy our ride. There must be a lot of people who want to ride a bike, but they do not since the traffic situation on roads is too bad. There are certainly some government and some people who work for improvement of such an environment, yet they are not enough. Especially in city areas, it is the present condition for many bikers to ride in dangerous conditions . (In Tokyo, it is terrible. Here in Boston is too, not like in Tokyo though.)
Then, I think I hope that Bike manufacturers (particularly big ones) attempt to work on government and spend some money to improve our bike environment if they would like to have more bikers who can enjoy bikes…

そこで思うのだけれど、バイクメーカー(特に大手メーカー)はこうした運動にも環境改善が現実となるよう資金を投入しもっと積極的に行政に働きかけ動かしていってもらいたいと願うのだけれど(メーカー間の開発競争だけでなく)、あるいはもうかなり動いている? 一人でも多くの人にバイクを楽しんでもらいたいと考えるのならば。

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