January 29, 2011

A difference of bike business between Japan and US - バイクビジネス、日本とアメリカの違い

In US, there are many bike manufacturers from small ones, middle ones to big ones. In Japan, there are some (about 60?) small manufacturers and a few big ones (nothing middle ones). Furthermore, most of the Japanese small bike companies have KEIRIN (NJS) business and it makes up more than 80% for their business. As for road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes, most of them are from big mfrs. in Europe.

I think there are some reasons for it. First, many Japanese tend to like foreign brands (not only bikes). Second, bike business (manufacturing) is not caught on so much and it might be hard to create customers. Also many Japanese have a tendency to choose something that many people do. But in US, there are lots of choices because many Americans understand about it well and decide something by themselves (not influence by the opinions of others so much). On this point, I like Americans’ attitude.

If in Japan, too, they come to respect individual choice more, many kinds of business (not only bike) will come out. It would be great, I think.



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